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Vernon Woods Animal Hospital has a wide variety of pet diagnostic tools to help asses your pet's health issues or injuries. This allows up to diagnose problems much faster and more accurate, all without you having to be referred to another hospital. We offer digital x-rays, ultrasound, an in-house laboratory and fully-stocked veterinary pharmacy, tonometry, and echocardiograms (ECGs).

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in-house laboratory

Laboratory testing is a valuable diagnostic tool in veterinary medicine. As we continually strive to offer the highest-quality medicine, we are proud to include in-house diagnostic laboratory services as a means of providing excellent care to our patients.

Although many important diagnostic tests can only be performed by outside laboratories, other tests can be performed in-house. Having access to accurate in-house diagnostic test results can help our veterinary care team serve your pets’ needs by expanding the testing options available to all our patients.

Have questions about the diagnostic testing services we offer? Ask one of our skilled professionals how our laboratory services can benefit your beloved pet.

Radiology (X-rays)

Radiography (x-rays) reveal information to our team that may not be easily seen externally. X-rays can be used to evaluate almost any organ in the body, including the heart, lungs, and abdominal organs, as well as the bones. We can use it to diagnose many common pet ailments, such as bladder stones, broken bones, arthritis, some spinal cord diseases and injuries, and a wide variety of other conditions.

Radiography is safe, painless, and completely non-invasive. Because the level of radiation exposure needed to perform radiography is very low, even pregnant females and very young pets can undergo radiography. Most pets won't need sedation for an x-ray either, since the procedure requires them to be still for a small amount of time.

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Electrocardiogram (ECG)

Electrocardiography is a tool used to detect the electrical activity of your pet's heart, monitor the function, and detect abnormalities. Problems we would look for are heart murmurs, hypertension, heart failures, arrhythmias, disorders of heart valves, and cardiomyopathy (both dilated and hypertrophic cardiomyopathy). Because your pet's lungs and heart function together, we are also well versed in diseases of the lungs and chest cavity.

In cardiology, we use an ECG by placing electrodes on your pet. ECGs are also painless and non-invasive, but may require your pet be on a mild sedative so that we can get an accurate test results when your pet is at rest and relaxed.

For dogs with a potential for hip dysplasia, we offer OFA-xrays for peace of mind.


We are pleased to offer ultrasound services as a means of providing a higher level of quality care to our patients. Ultrasonography uses high-frequency sound waves (also called ultrasound) to create a picture of your pets internal organs in real-time. It is a painless, non-invasive way to evaluate and diagnose many common pet diseases. We may use it to view your pet's liver, spleen, gallbladder, and kidneys. We may also use it to check for pregnancy and monitor fetal health, or to diagnose and stage (or determine the severity of) some forms of cancer.

If your pet ever needs an ultrasound, it can help us diagnose:

  • Cancerous tumors
  • Cysts
  • Obstructions in the GI tract
  • Heart conditions
  • Foreign bodies
  • Pregnancies
  • Fluid in the abdomen or around the heart
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Does your pet need diagnostic help? We can help!

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When your pet's eyes are checked during his or her annual exam, any changes or differences may warrant another look for the health and safety of your pet's eyes.

Using an instrument called a tonopen, our doctors are able to calculate and measure the pressure of the fluid within your pet's eyes. Red, irritated eyes, glaucoma (cloudy-looking cornea), or if your pet has suffered any head or eye trauma, bring them in for additional testing of the eyes.

in-house pharmacy

We maintain a large inventory of veterinary pharmaceutical products and medications, including flea, tick, and heartworm preventive products, as well as medications for chronic medical conditions or short term needs as your pet recovers from an illness or injury.

When you purchase medications from our pharmacy, you can rest assured that your pet’s medications were obtained from safe, reliable sources and stored under optimal conditions. Our trained staff will fill your prescriptions with attention to detail of your pet’s specific needs. We provide accurate information about proper dosing information, alert you to any potential drug side effects or interactions. If your pet experiences any problems with your medication after you return home, we are also here to assist.

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